Tika Műhelye

Logo redesign project

About the project

Tika, a scrapbooker friend of mine asked me to redesign her logo according to her specific ideas and needs.


At first, Tika wanted to redesign her existing logo, changing only typography and colouring to a more artistic one. I liked the idea of a round shape and stamp-like appearance.

After consulting with her, she changed her mind and wanted a completely new logo. Our first idea was a typographical logo with a touch of watercolour, the next idea we discussed was a hand-painted flower-version to match her works of art in scrapbooking.

Design solution

I experimented with a bold serif font (Butler) combined with various light sans serifs to create a logotype that can be used as a stamp for her scrapbook projects. I also developed sketches with a script typeface and watercolour flowers to give the illusion of handwriting and handmade products.

Is that a logo at all, or rather an illustration? This question popped into my mind when sketching the ideas. What will she use it for? I had to consult with her about the legibility and usability of the illustrative design she wanted.

Outcome and Feedback

In the end, Tika voted for the watercolour-flower logo and was happy to share it with her audience. The logo is used as a profile picture in social media and sometimes it appears on a banner. She is using this illustrative logo on her scrapbook projects, too.

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Tika Műhelye, FB: TikaMűhelye

The final logo design

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