Landis Jam Labels

Label design for fruit jam jars

About the Project

Landis is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of the food industry in Slovakia. Their request was to redesign the labels for 98% fruit jams distributed to the Slovakian market, in stores like Tesco groceries.


Landis gave us a clear brief about the label design: they wanted a premium category jam label representing “premium craft jam vibe”, emphasising the high fruit content made without preservatives.

The Design Process

After a discussion with our Product Designer and Sales Representative, I began to research the contemporary trends of label designs, especially in craft and handmade theme. I came up with the idea of using a watercolour base with ink drawings, and a very light, pastel colour scheme. Landis agreed on using this colour palette, and the modern, clean watercolour design was a distinguishing characteristic in the Slovakian food market at that time (2018).

I used the recoloured version of the same watercolour pattern at each fruit label combined with ink drawing images of the different fruits. The emphasis on high fruit content and the craft-like look was achieved by using script typography and brush calligraphy, paired with an elegant sans serif typeface (Centrale Sans). All seven designs were completed and sent for review (apricot, cherry, plum, peach, pear, blackcurrant, strawberry).

The Outcome and Feedback

The customer was satisfied with the design solution and the overall look of the jam labels. The clean pastel shades and script typography resembled their idea of craftsmanship and pure, innocent, natural look.

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Landis s.r.o.

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