Kandlhof catalogue cover

V4 binding and laser-cutting

About the Project

A design company from Austria reached out to Kanovits Print to do the pre-press and cover design for one of their client’s catalogues. They wanted to add a laser-cut detail to the catalogue cover and use a distinctive type of binding. This catalogue was a showcase of a high-end and exclusive architecture company.

Design and Pre-press Process

Our Art Director came up with the idea of a sewn binding technique named V4. I split the inner pages up to three equal sections and did the pre-press and DTP. The loose sheets are stitched together at V4-type of binding, while the cover is folded and glued to the spine. The book’s edges are trimmed smooth from three sides after stitching and glueing.

We printed the cover on thick creative paper, while I designed the laser-cut pattern. Our client chose one from my designs then we tried out the laser-cutting. The laser-pattern turned out beautiful when we added a dark bottom paper to it. It was a leather-like dark grey-black paper mounted to the cover from the bottom.

The Outcome and Feedback

The client was satisfied with the overall look of the catalogue and not just ordered more of it, but also became Kanovits Print’s business partner and ordered the printing and DTP of their additional brochures.

The new products featured Xerox Iridesse Production Press’ White, Gold, Silver Dry Ink and Clear varnish printing and the application of different materials, like vellum paper and Monotex synthetic paper. Monotex is suitable for various production methods, such as cutting, perforating, folding, creasing and binding. Mr Kanovits, the CEO of Kanovits Print was also highly satisfied with the quality of the delivered products and services.

Important Keywords

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Kanovits Print s.r.o., Korzo Bélu Bartóka 790/4, Dunajská Streda, Slovakia, www.kanovits.com

Photography: Studio Kanovits, Alžbetínske nám. 1, Dunajská Streda, Slovakia, www.studiokanovits.sk

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