Christmas Village 3D greeting card

About the greeting card

Laser-cut multi-layer greeting card made of thick and structured (or pearlescent) 300g creative paper and an inner message printed on 150g matte white or pearlescent creative paper.

The idea and the design process

My idea was to design a greeting card that can be used as a winter decoration on a mantelpiece or window sill with fairy lights. From the beginning, I was planning to use laser cutting technology to experiment with thin cut lines and see-through folded paper-effects. I used Curious Metallics papers for the laser-cut cover, and Tradition structured creative papers inside. The village was re-drawn several times to adjust the fine details to laser-cutting.

The outcome

The greeting card was used as a corporate holiday greeting card for Kanovits Print and sent out to partnering companies as a part of our marketing campaign. I used green, dark blue and red paper covers. Today, the red cover version is a part of the agency’s sample marketing gift package.

Important Keywords

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Kanovits Print s.r.o., Korzo Bélu Bartóka 790/4, Dunajská Streda, Slovakia,

Photography: Studio Kanovits, Alžbetínske nám. 1, Dunajská Streda, Slovakia,

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