Icon set for iPhone 12

A design for myself


I am so curious about the new iPhone 12 is launching on 13th of October, 2020 that I decided to create a set of icons for myself that I will use on iOs 14. I liked the idea of making our phones more personalized. It inspired me to create a set of application icons. The list includes the apps I frequently use on my current phone. I am going to expand it with most-used icons based on my previous research.

The design process

I looked through Etsy, Pinterest, some IT tech websites for inspiration, including Traf’s now trending monochrome set. As for myself, I wanted to create an artistic, watercolour-like and a neon geek set of icons. I decided on an ink-drawn style created on iPad and a holographic – neon set inspired by led lights.

At first, I draw the minimalistic icons with the following details: 120 x 120 px, 72 dpi resolution and 70 x 70 px icons. I changed that later to 60 x 60 px to balance the shape and tested the icons for legibility and context in the process of selecting. Later, the ones that fitted in with appearance but were odd in context or style were edited out. Then I added my mood board colours and prepared the coloured versions.

I am obsessed with the transparent glass screen, and I began to experiment with the transparent background, which is a photo of yourself holding the phone, and icons with white-yellow glow effect. I created my third set of icons by using this inspiration.

The Outcome

I believe that all three icon sets are usable, legible and I can vary them according to my taste. I am planning to buy either iPhone 11 Pro or the new iPhone 12 – it turned out amazing, but let’s see how it looks like in person.

Follow up:

I will present you four icon set variants this week: the GEEK NEON, the HOLOGRAPHIC, the GLASS and the AQUARELLES.

Mockup by mockups-design.com

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